Sheldon-Gold Realty Inc. offers the following consulting services:

Lease Renewal Negotiations

Sheldon-Gold Realty Inc. agents are experts in the area of office, flex & warehouse leasing.  Property owners negotiate leases every day and are keenly aware of the current market.  Tenants deserve the same level of market knowledge that their Landlord has. Without it, the Landlord has the ability to convince a tenant into a lease that is not a market deal.

Property Valuation Analysis & Marketing

Sheldon-Gold Realty Inc. can provide you with a complete consultant opinion of value for your commercial property that can be used for decision making on the highest and best use, divorce proceedings, partnership agreements or foreclosure.

Market Intelligence Gathering

Sheldon-Gold Realty Inc. can provide in-depth market research information to help determine the feasibility of your planned commercial real estate project.

Market Comp Reports for Lease or Sale

Detailed sold comparables and competing lease or sale property analysis reports can help you determine if you are on the write track with your property, purchase, sale or lease.

Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony

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Office Condominium Conversion and Development

Sheldon-Gold Realty Inc. has significant experience in commercial condominium common interest communities.  Having completed 9 office condominium conversions and new construction projects, we can help determine if your project is feasible and help you build the right team to make your development or conversion the most successful it can be.